Why Chess?

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Rapid chess club takes the immense pride of promote the game of Chess in the beautiful city of Chennai. Chess is the game which we feel deserves all the respect it commands. A game which just doesn’t produce ‘Players’ – it produces ‘Thinkers’. Chess is a game for children, because the Royal Game develops the faculties of concentration, decision-making, logical thinking, strategising, reasoning, and finally, works as a tool to create well-rounded individuals. Chess is a game for Adults, as it is a simulation of real life, where you take decisions based not by logic all the time – ‘intuition’ and ‘gut-feeling’, those indefinable qualities take over most of the time; it is a battlefield where violence is forbidden; it is the best way to stimulate your creativity, which stands you in good stead in real life.
‘Chess is the Touchstone of Intellect’ – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe