Chess in School

Help your kids excel in academics and other aspects of Life through our Chess in School programmes. Our well trained coaches organize daily/weekly chess workshops at your school. Contact us for more information.

We also provide chess coach on salary or by student basis as per your requirement.

What we do in school,
  • Chess as a part of syllabus by adding chess into the curriculum – Daily class at school timing.
  • After school activity – Weekly 2 class after school hours.
  • Demo Classes / Chess Workshop on schools.
  • Chess awareness program.
  • We organize chess tournament in schools.
Chess as a Teaching Tool
  • Chess has all the qualities needed to be an excellent teaching tool.
  • For maximum benefit, it should be introduced in schools not to develop chess players but to further a child’s development.
  • Chess can be used to solve educational problems, especially when used to teach process standards, the ‘Thinking Skills’.
  • Chess used, not for the sake of teaching chess, not to create better chess players, but to create more intelligent schools leavers, better adapted to our knowledge-based world; a brighter future for our global society.
Educational benefits of chess
  • Chess teaches children to think analytically, logically and on more than one level.
  • Chess helps promote intellectual growth and has been shown to improve academic performance.
  • Chess is a powerful tool for developing thinking and memory in children.
  • It teaches children to think analytically, logically and on more than one level.
  • It also helps them build up their decision-making tools. It educates them to be responsible for their decision and the consequences of those decisions.
  • Chess enhances cognitive abilities, rational thinking, patience, and reasoning.
  • Chess uncovers both a child’s and adult’s hidden abilities and talents.
Geniuses are typically recognized as productive creators in only six fields: science, math, music, art, literature, and – Chess!